Lately I’ve needed to send some EOS to a friend I’ve bought them for a few years ago (sounds strange, right?) and I needed a tool to accomplish this task easily so I chose Scatter.

Full disclosure: I have not chose Scatter from the first try, first I went with EOS Voter which I’ve used to also store the coins and to power them up which little did I know was a huge mistake, then I tried Greymass, and then I’ve manage to do the job with Scatter.

A huge downside when you have to pick a wallet for your…

Lately I’ve faced an authentication issue with Postman that I’ve never experienced before and it was quite challenging to find its root cause, so let me share it with you.

I was working on an infrastructure where the server application was hosted under IIS using Windows authentication, having NTLM as a provider. Everything worked until one day when it didn’t. In the meantime nothing changed in the requests that I was making, which looked somehow like the one below:

Notice the 200 status and the fact that I am getting a nice response in return.

From one day, the requests…

A git of background

A couple of years ago, when I first got into coding, I got familiar with the Git concepts. It was in the summer of 2014 when a guy from Siemens presented me and a couple of fellas what it means to have a branch, work on it, push to a repository and create a pull (merge) request. At that time I did not understood how complex versioning can be and how widespread it is. Actually the most popular question on StackOverflow is about Git.

Since that time when I first started working with git, and making my first commits, I…

In the last days I had a few more spare time and decided I could create a site for my own.

HTML sample. Source:

It all started from the idea that it is a bit hard as a simple citizen in my country to see if there is still emergency state or not so I decided to create a site containing this specific information.

Looking on the internet for different hosting solutions and Firebase Pricing ( caught my attention allowing static content to be hosted for free with small usage limits. I am only a backend developer so I had no fronted experience…

You have received a new project which is started already and looks horrific. Either you have changed the employer or just switched to a new team, you can find yourself in a similar situation where things can support major improvements and they are still not enough to cover all the things that needs to be corrected. What should you do now?

I have asked myself the same thing a few years ago when I dived into a new company’s code base and I just said to myself Oh, this is some very disorganized application!

To give a little background, I’ve…

A stock market crash is a phenomena that happens from time to time in the free markets, which traders are used to more or less. It drives and it is driven at the same time, by investors’ fear. It is always great to be prepared for events like a market crash, and especially if you are trading or owning an investment account.

Today we have very efficient tools that allow us to analyze, understand and maybe even foresee the next stock market crash. …

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